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I am EllyNoor, a mysterious – naughty girl who loves to dance and laugh a lot.  I have a strong attitude but sometimes I am a sensitive woman as well. I can be a crazy girl who can make you laugh a lot but I can also be a romantic lady who can make you lose your mind.


I love black and purple lace lingerie, black from my mysterious side and purple from my passionate side. In my free time I go out in the club, at the swimming pool, in the park. I would never paint my hair in other color than black…maybe in the “cappuccino” color.


I believe you realize that a lady is classy or not just by looking at her nails.


My favorite food: calamari and pizza.


If I have a close relationship with a person, I have a very sweet language and attitude. 


If you want to know more about me, just follow my blog! 

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I will never tag or judge people before I know their stories. The way a person looks or dresses has nothing in common with the way that person is. I admit that there was a time when I used to have an opinion about a person from the first sight. The proverb ‘the first sight always matters’ is very wrong because it’s impossible to really know a person from one meeting.


It happened me many times to have a bad opinion about a person from the first sight and after I met him/her better, after I know their secret stories it has been proven...


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